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Bat Pussy (197?)

Starring: Buddy, Sam, Dora Dildo Directed by: ??? Buddy: I read my horoscope today, baby. Sam: What did it say? Fuck you? When I started watching Bat Pussy, I was totally unprepared. I knew it was a porno. I knew it was Something Weird Video. I knew it wasn’t going to be “good”, but I… Continue reading Bat Pussy (197?)

Crazed (1978)

aka Slipping Into Darkness, Bloodshed Starring: Laszlo Papas, Belle Mitchell, Beverly Ross Directed by: Richard Cassidy Once in a while you watch a cheap horror film that goes above and beyond what is required for the genre. There’s something more to Crazed, also known as Bloodshed and Slipping Into Darkness, than simply the need to… Continue reading Crazed (1978)


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